Why Grey is all the Rage

When many homeowners think of popular shades of beautiful hardwood flooring, traditional brown, honey browns, and rich, red-toned browns will immediately come to mind. These familiar warm varieties will certainly deliver inherent natural beauty but may not fit the modern or contemporary design scheme you have in mind. Inside our Jack's Carpet And Tile showroom, we’ve seen more and more shoppers inquire about grey wood flooring and predict the popularity of this neutral tone will continue to grow. Here are a few of the reasons why grey is all the rage.

Neutral Backdrop

Similar to the use of grey in fashion, grey wood floors provide a neutral backdrop that’s perfect for decorating and easy to match. The color grey is cool, calming, sleek, chic, and stabilizing. Since grey does not jump out visually, it will enhance the feel of the other colors within a design scheme. The wide-ranging palette of grey hues produces hardwood floors from bleached driftwood look to deep graphite, and will support virtually any bold, bright color within a finished room.

The Rise of Griege

Speaking of grey color variations, the rise of ‘griege’ wood flooring has provided even more in-demand looks to choose from. This combination of brown or beige blended with grey creates a unique neutral floor with added depth and color. Griege floors will pair with home décor as seamlessly as standard grey but will pull out warmer tones in the room while still providing a contrast with bolder colors. If you design a minimalistic room layout, griege can subtly add brightness without feeling out of place.

Universal Decor

When it comes to following a specific design scheme, grey floors can be used as the foundation for almost any look. We’ve already mentioned modern, contemporary, and minimalism, but grey floors will also anchor industrial, rustic, farmhouse, traditional design, and more. To better fine-tune the universal appeal of grey to a specific décor, you can focus on the texture, character, and design of the flooring that best matches the design style. The versatility of grey cannot be overstated!

Difference Maker

Within your home, grey floors can make a major difference from maintenance to perception. For starters, grey floors will show less dust than medium to dark brown wood floors, making it easier to maintain their attractive appearance. You can use light grey floors to make rooms feel airy and expansive, perfect for enhancing an open floorplan. Conversely, darker grey floors will help make spaces feel more intimate. Looking to create dramatic contrast? Consider using a dark grey floor to contrast bright furnishings or light-colored walls.

In addition to grey-toned hardwood, we have plenty of laminate and luxury vinyl options that showcase this valuable color within our Jack's Carpet And Tile showroom in Newport News, VA. Let our experts show you how the right shade of grey can take your rooms to the next level of chic!