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Naturally beautiful, elegant, and traditional


Hardwood has been one of the most popular flooring solutions for centuries and it remains so today. It's naturally beautiful and elegant, turning any room into a work of art. It's available in light, medium, or darker tones to suit any look. 

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Reflections-Ash Transcendent Bedroom Wood | Jack's Tile And Carpet
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Hardwood light | Jack's Tile And Carpet

Hardwood dark | Jack's Tile And Carpet


As it's made from genuine wood, hardwood is a unique flooring product and it will age uniquely, too! As it does so, its many knots and quirks will transform, enhancing its natural appeal and timeless look. Each species of wood has its own special characteristics, too—from light woods such as maple and pine to darker woods such as mahogany and hickory. 

Hardwood Flooring cleaning | Jack's Carpet And Tile


If properly maintained and cared for, your hardwood flooring can be beautiful for decades. Follow these tips to help keep your flooring looking as good as it was when you first had it installed!


Leave the hard work to the professionals! Our expert installation technicians have the skills and the tools to get the job done right. Learn more about the installation process and know how to prepare.

Hardwood flooring Installation | Jack's Carpet And Tile

Jack's Tile & Carpet is the proud retailer of high-quality hardwood flooring from reputable brand names.