Exploring the Whitewashed Look

If you are one of the many fans of ‘farmhouse chic’ or ‘rustic vogue’ design principles, then you have probably come across the eye-catching whitewashed look on Pinterest, interior design blogs, or home trend magazines. Mixing white paint and water, a thinner, semi-transparent paint is created and used on wood, brick, and other smooth surfaces for distressed texture that’s equal parts vintage and modern. This chic effect is simultaneously relaxed and luxurious while still allowing the natural material to show through. Make sure to visit the Jack's Carpet And Tile showroom and our experts can help you in exploring the popular whitewashed looks outlined here.

Whitewashed Wood

For starters, whitewashed wood walls and surfaces immediately lend themselves to rustic, farmhouse, and traditional interiors. Extremely versatile to design against and instantly brightening any space, you can literally achieve a wide range of room feels from laid-back to upscale. When medium to dark hardwood flooring or wood-look laminate and LVT is paired with whitewashed walls, you get perfect foundational contrast, and your furnishings will then determine the level of opulence or cozy charm you desire. If you are pursuing an accent wall as a transition or design focal point in your home, consider if a whitewashed wood-look accent wall could add transformative elegance to the area in question.

Balancing Whitewashed Brick

White-painted brick is also thriving within the farmhouse style and will also elevate a relaxed interior into a chic space. Whether white-washed with the original brick tones peeking through or painted over completely for a monochromatic look, brick pairs effortlessly with rustic wood, stone, and tile flooring options. A white-washed brick chimney becomes an elegant design focal point that pops next to exposed beams and rich wood floors. You can even explore darker charcoal tones for a modern farmhouse wooden floor to anchor white brick walls, or a white and black checkerboard vinyl floor to match a white brick kitchen backsplash.

Rich Color Pairing

Whitewashed technique often leaves flecks of color shining through or simply creates a bright, neutral platform that begs for bold color pairings and accents. You can easily add rich pops of color and pattern with area rugs and other standout furnishings. Throughout 2021, the use of deep, timeless shades like greens and burnt orange will bring warmth to inspired rooms. Perhaps you can find a way to incorporate Illuminating (13-0647), one of Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year, a vibrant yellow that will work well in accent pillows, vases, ottomans, or another piece of décor, and will play off whitewashed walls effortlessly.

Shabby Chic & Beachside Cool

Two of the most prominent design principles of 2021 will be shabby chic and coastal interiors. Whitewashed surfaces and furnishings work exceptionally well within both design schemes that highlight lived-in comfort and time-honored furnishings. In both of these looks, the color turquoise and other blue tones will come alive against the white and lend cool, tranquil vibes throughout. Think about high-character medium wood tones for the floors, mosaic tile inside the kitchens and bathrooms, and woven rugs anywhere you want added texture and softness.

Are you interested in exploring the whitewashed technique in your home for an elevated design refresh? Stop by the Jack's Carpet And Tile showroom in Newport News, VA and our experts will help you brainstorm how to pair surfaces and accent walls utilizing this unmistakable look!