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Pet-Proof Carpet

Carpet and Pets Have Never Been Able to Live Together in Harmony… Until Now.

For years, short of dumping bleach on your carpet, pet stains were the most difficult to clean. Standard carpet with standard pad could never be completely cleaned. Pet stains along with other liquids would seep through the backing of the carpet, stain and saturate the pad, and often times the subfloor as well. Even with steam cleaning and/or dry cleaning, because the pad was stained, the soiling would resurface through the backing of the carpet. Furthermore, a smell would remain.

One advancement pad manufacturers made was adding a spill barrier to their pads. Therefore, even if liquids seeped through the backing, the pad would not be stained. Standard vacuuming and blotting could not get the stains out though and therefore home owners would have to get their carpets steam cleaned to extract the stain from the backing of their carpets. A second advancement was yarn systems that repelled and could not be stained by pet urine: certainly the most common household pet stain. However, because of the acidity of feces and vomit, these would still stain the carpet yarn.

A few years ago, Stainmaster developed a yarn system that is stain resistant to ALL pet stains including urine, feces, and vomit. Many manufacturers bought into this yarn system and have been using it to make Pet-Proof carpet. The claim is that the Stainmaster yarn installed over a spill guard pad is completely Pet-Proof. While this is true, there were still improvements that could be made.

Shaw Carpet, with their Life-Proof backing has taken this a giant step further. Shaw developed their own yarn system which is stain resistant to all pet stains as well but the have stitched this yarn into a completely leak proof backing. Where the backing starts is where all liquids stop. If you spill a gallon of milk, you will have a gallon of milk to clean up. Nothing gets through the backing of the carpet. In our opinion, with the Life-Proof backing, the Shaw Pet-Proof carpet is far superior. The yarn, treated with R2X, repels all pet stains including urine, feces, and vomit. The leak proof backing makes any spills including pet excrement, extremely easy to completely remove. Shaw is the only manufacturer to use this technology. There are over 30 styles of carpet to use the Pet-Proof yarn with the Life-Proof backing.

At Jack’s Tile and Carpet we carry the entire line of Shaw’s Life Happens Carpets. Please visit our website or give us a call to set up a complimentary in home consultation in which we can bring samples to you, measure, and discuss your style and performance needs.